Steve Chesley

Even though he’s gone his memory still remains in our hearts. His smile  and face will never fade. We think of him as we go on each day. The good  times we remember and the days spent together will be in our memories  forever.
Our dear friend and partner Steve, you are missed by your friends at 
The Midland Arts Company.

We will see you again someday!



  • Raku
  • Sagger
  • Reduction Fired

Steve Chesley moved to Colorado from Nebraska in 1978 so he could be closer to Colorado skiing and all other activities the mountains have to offer. Steve’s other interests were biking, backpacking, fishing, hunting and just about anything else that can be done in the outdoors. He retired in 2003 after 30 years of the teaching in Nebraska and Colorado public schools.  Steve taught pottery at Colorado Mountain College in Rifle for more than 25 years and enjoyed spending long hours in his backyard studio.

Steve’s work consisted of reduction fired stoneware and porcelain, both functional and nonfunctional, plus raku & saggar fired vessels. Raku and saggar were Steve’s favorite firing techniques. Raku involves heating pieces to approximately 1800 degrees in a small gas fired kiln, then removing the hot pieces and placing them in a metal container with combustible materials. This post firing reduction process produces beautiful metallic and iridescent finishes. Saggar involves wrapping ceramic pieces in clay or aluminum foil and then firing.

“It’s always nice when someone else enjoys your work as much as you do, but for me the real joy is the building and firing processes.~ Steve Chesley~

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