Joanne Nelson


  • Vintage silverware jewelry and crafts
  • Beeswax candles
  • Reclaimed oak candle holders
  • Hand dyed and painted scarves


I moved to the Western Slope with my family in 1974 and have lived from Carbondale to Rifle and everywhere in between. Most of my life has been spent creating, however since retirement I’ve had the opportunity to dedicate even more time to the crafts that I find so gratifying. My silverware arts enable me to combine my love of the antique and vintage while preserving the past.Textiles have been a favorite since an early age so it was natural to blend that with the dyeing and painting of fabric to make scarves and wild rags for men and women. My husband Bill, a wood worker recently began making candle holders from reclaimed oak so a new hobby was born as we began making beeswax candles featuring local beeswax.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our horizons!


Joanne Nelson (970)379-5312 Vintage Antique and the Curious by Joanne

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