Deb Stewart

“Hands in clay satisfy that desire to create, and be in touch with Mother Earth.”


  • Low-fire Earthenware
  • Hand Painted Terra cotta
  • High-fire Stoneware
  • Foil Sagger
  • High Resolution Horsehair Reduction Pottery
  • Functional Country Ware                                                                        

Deb Stewart, B.S., M.Ed., is a home-based clay artist, and has self-directed her ceramic education and experiences sincethe early 1980’s.  She has taken courses through the local Community College, the Carbondale Clay Center, The Art Center of Western Colorado and participated in numerous workshops throughout Colorado and New Mexico.  The more she has learned about the clay process – the more she fell in love with this very special art.

Her philosophy about clay is that your work includes a combination of art, historical review, science and chemistry and of course – mother earth.  The smell and feel of clay is unique each time you start a project. The feeling of working with mother earth – adds a special vibrancy to her work and opens the door to all kinds of possibilities.  Her passion is for the primitive “old ways” and this can be seen in her contemporary southwestern pottery pieces.

However, she enjoys working with functional pottery and experiencing alternative firing techniques as well.  Her love for functional pottery is in using it.  Feeling the potter’s finger marks when holding it, touching the familiar curve of a bowl, a cup of tea in a favorite mug, and using pottery to display and serve food for a special meal.  Then there is that special enjoyment of just the right pot to warm a shelf in her home.

She uses both low-fire earthenware – terra cotta, and high fire stoneware for her projects.  Colors and different finishes of each of the pieces only add to the lure of excitement with each kiln firing and opening.  Alternative firing methods allow for immediate excitement – and fuel the inspiration for more pots.

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